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Lovespoon Tradition

Lovespoon meanings

The custom of giving lovespoons first began in Wales in the 16th Century. Different meanings/symbols are used in the carving of a spoon, for instance a heart shaped bowl means - wishing a full & bountiful life, a keyhole denotes home and security.

Some examples are as follows:-

HEART - Love
KEY & KEYHOLE - Home & Security
BELL - Weddings, Anniversaries
VINE - Love Grows
BALL - Love held safe or number of children.
FLOWERS - Affection.
DOUBLE SPOON - Togetherness
HEART SHAPED BOWL - Full & bountiful life
WHEEL - Work
DIAMOND - Wealth, good fortune
HORSESHOE - Good luck
CROSS - Faith
COMMA SHAPES - Soul signs
SHIP - Smooth passage through life
KNOT- Everlasting, together forever
DRAGON - Symbol of Wales, protection.



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